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Paul E. Habermas

President/Geophysics/Geology) PG #5372 - A proven creative, successful and highly motivated geophysicist with 33 years of experience in all aspects of oil and gas exploration and production, including the past 21 years as President of Nettlecombe Oil Company, Inc.. Experience includes prospect generation, utilizing advanced “State of the Art” Neural Network, in combination with attribute technologies on 2D/3D interactive workstations (Opendtect, Land Mark, LogM, and AutoCAD) reservoir characterization modeling onshore seismic acquisition and data processing. Other expertise encompasses writing proprietary algorithms for attribute and Neural Net. Through the use of these advanced techniques and expertise success rate has climbed from 66% to almost 90%. In addition, he has implemented strategic plans for oil and gas exploration and fostered joint ventures with oil/gas industry partners.                                             

Charles Winn

Geophysicist, PG# 5739 working with Nettlecombe Oil since 2012.  Has 40+ years experience in all aspects of oil and gas exploration and production.