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Through direct participation programs in oil and gas, investors actually own a portion of the well and receive a share of the cash flow generated via monthly disbursements. In addition to the income potential, oil and gas investments offer substantial tax benefits, which the U.S. government has designed to encourage domestic drilling. Since the Tax Reform Act of 1986, direct participation programs in oil and gas are one of the few remaining investments that allow investors to shelter income, making it one of the most tax advantaged investments today. Investors may be able to deduct as much as 65 to 100 percent of their investment within the first year, whether the well is successful or not, and 15 percent of your income is tax-free


Compared to coal, natural gas produce more then 50% less CO2

Compared to oil, natural gas produces less than 30% less than oil.


97% of the natural gas in America is produced in America.

By investing in natural gas wells, you are contributing to more that $181 billion is wages and benefits which enploys more than 3 million jobs.


Experts has stated that America has more than 100 years supply of natueral gas. The this number is growing due to new finds.


Natural gas is one of the easiest alternative fuels to transport.

Natural gas is affordable and readily available, long-term solution to power generators, home heating, and other industrial uses.

Currently in America less than 30% of natural gas is used in gas-fired capcity plants whcih leaves an abundant supply potential for transmission facilities, alternative methods of transportation and services.