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Nettlecombe is an oil & gas exploration firm that utilizes advanced geophysical technologies to identify oil and natural gas accumulations, primarily along the Texas coastal plain and in South Texas. Nettlecombe began exploring for oil and natural gas in the Miocene, Frio, and Yegua sands in Texas because we felt that the seismic frequencies and amplitudes in the shallow and intermediate-depth sand sections were more valid, dependable and less risky than looking for deep structural plays.

Nettlecombe’s business model is as a prospect generator. Using 3-D seismic as our primary tool, we find what we believe to be likely oil and/or natural gas accumulations that meets our various criteria. We then lease the acreage so that it will be ready to drill once the prospect sale has been fully subscribed. We sell promoted Working Interests (generally on a cash plus “Back-in After Payout” basis) with the Operator taking a significant Working Interest. Once the prospect is sold, it is turned over to the Operator to actually drill and produce the well.

Whether you’re looking for a joint venture gas well or oil well exploration opportunity, Nettlecombe has the experience to assist you with your exploration investment needs.



Through direct participation programs in oil and gas, investors actually own a portion of the well and receive a share of the cash flow generated via monthly disbursements. In addition to the income potential, oil and gas investments offer substantial tax benefits, which the U.S. government has designed to encourage domestic drilling. Since the Tax Reform Act of 1986, direct participation programs in oil and gas are one of the few remaining investments that allow investors to shelter income, making it one of the most tax advantaged investments today. Investors may be able to deduct as much as 65 to 100 percent of their investment within the first year, whether the well is successful or not, and 15 percent of your income is tax-free